Instrument at Home

A piano or full sized weighted keyboard in good working order must be accessible at the home of the student, along with a bench of proper height and adequate lighting. A foot support (pedal extender or footstool) is required for young students. I am happy to assist clients in finding a piano that will meet the budget of the family.


Lessons are scheduled and billed on a monthly basis.

Making Up Lessons

Within reason, every effort is made to make up lessons if I am given 24 hour notice (or by noon if a student wakes up ill). Lessons must be made up within a month of the absence and will not be refunded.

Studio Etiquette

Parents are expected to arrive a few minutes early and pick up students on time. Observing lessons quietly is always welcome. Young siblings of students need to be well supervised during lessons and are encouraged to bring along a quiet activity. Students are expected to be respectful and attentive and may not use cell phones during their own lesson unless there is a special circumstance.


Phone calls and email work well for logistics, but concerns need to be handled in person. Frequent communication is important for the parent, teacher, and student to develop and maintain a good working relationship.

Performance Opportunities

Most students learn a great deal from performing for others, so participation in performance opportunities is greatly encouraged. Having a deadline is important for some, and most gain the kind of confidence that can translate into better public speaking and presentation skills. Playing for others can inspire learning, and it can also help students see how much they have learned. Sharing music is also a terrific community service. Opportunities will be shared for playing in recitals and optional participation in formal competitions/evaluations such as Royal Conservatory Music Development Program evaluations.

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