Freelance Accompanist

Looking to hire an accompanist?

  • Solo & Ensemble (middle school and high school, including state and regional)
  • Vocal or Instrumental Studio Recitals
  • Degree Recitals
  • Concerts
  • Auditions
  • Choirs
  • Chamber Music

Playing the piano, organ or harpsichord to accompany singers and/or instrumentalists is something I greatly enjoy. I know a large amount of standard repertoire, and am most familiar with solo music for voice, strings, and flute.

Why hire a professional? With an accompanist who can easily play the notes and who is also an experienced teacher, the process of putting the music together goes much more smoothly and requires fewer rehearsals. In addition to covering the basics of putting the music together, we work on tempos, rhythm, dynamics, balance between the parts, and overall musicality to bring the music to life. We discuss ways to practice to be better prepared to play in public. A good accompanist can make the difference between a performance that is a struggle or one that is successful, so this is an area in which it is important to consider credentials and experience.

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